Because that’s it. That’s the show’s purpose. Not only the characters give hope to each other but the show itself gives hope to us. Because YES, they are fairytales, but at the end of the day they are not SO far way away from real life aren’t they? They experience difficulties, losses, pain and so we do. And it teaches us so many important lessons. That family is important; that sometimes you have to put others happiness first; that every end is a new beginning; that it’s never too late to change and fix previous mistakes.

idek if I make sense sorry I got emotional I LOVE THIS SHOW SO FREAKIN’ MUCH OK *sob*

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I am the Pretty Guardian in a Sailor Suit! Guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!

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Favorite Little Things → Ouija Boards

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"I can reach back into what should be immovable, beautiful memories and… twist them.”

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Princess Anna + meeting men

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Tuition-Free NY would account for about 1% of New York State’s entire budget. An investment of 1% would provide free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students every year. It would offer them future opportunities, increase post-graduate purchasing power and keep them in the state for at least five years — per the legislation — to contribute to our local and state economy. It would provide revenue to New York in the process, all of which contributes toward paying down that already-modest 1% upfront investment.

Tuition-Free NY and programs like it will pay for itself by keeping bright, young minds in-state, maintaining a highly educated workforce and encouraging community service.


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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland vs Aladdin

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